16 comments on “Sylvia Plath and Alice Thompson | Two Mini Reviews

  1. I’m glad to know that Justine was written by a woman. It might feel like some sort of off-shoot of Lolita if it were in a different writer’s hands. I wasn’t aware that another Sylvia Plath story came out. Do you know why publishing it was delayed until recently?

    • According to the publisher, she wrote it when she was 20, and submitted it to a magazine. When it was rejected, I suppose it simply slipped into obscurity. The manuscript (and the rejection letter) turned up at an auction in 2016, and Faber published it for the first time this year.

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  3. So glad you reviewed the Sylvia Plath poetry – I have Ariel at home and I’m super excited/scared to read it, because The Bell Jar was such a great book. I want to adjust my expectations before getting to it. From your description, they do sound quiet and haunting – my favorite kind of poetry.

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