8 comments on “Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson | Book Review

  1. I’m so glad to read your review because I feel like I’m the only person that didn’t find this book funny! I had a similar reaction to you – her humour felt forced and her relationship seemed unpleasant (at least the way the book portrays it).

  2. While I enjoyed this book, I really respect the criticisms you laid out. Most people who dislike this book simply claim it is not funny and cannot provide explanations for what they mean. I read Lawson’s book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened first, and I’m glad I did. It really sets up Lawson and her husband, Victor, clearly, and her childhood stories explain where she got her interest/obsession with taxidermy. However, in Furiously Happy she is much better at explaining the meaning of things. I remember a passage in which Lawson describes how Victor asks her a question about herself, she can’t answer it, and he suggests maybe Furiously Happy would be a stronger book if she COULD answer it. I definitely agree that there is some cringey hyperbole in her stories that made me ask, “Why?!?”

    • I did wonder afterwards if reading Lawson’s first book may have helped to feel more invested in her as a person, and her particular writing style. I’m still glad I read this though! Personal criticisms aside, it has a lot to offer in the hands of the right readers.

      • Victor’s family are socialites who view her as that girl who had turkeys follow her to school. There’s something magical about her childhood up to meeting Victor that had me in stitches. I felt like the “quirky humor” was more forced in Furiously Happy.

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