9 comments on “Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller | Book Review

  1. Sounds like we agree on this one! I think not everyone may enjoy the conclusion, but I thought it was so fitting with the pattern of codependency repeating itself, which I think is realistic (although hopefully less extreme in most cases).

    • Exactly! I thought it was clever that their circumstances mirrored each other by the end (Julius felt he had to stay because he thought Jeanie was ill; now Jeanie can’t leave because she has to care for Julius), and yet the ultimate outcome is still the same.

  2. Unfortunately there is just nothing about this that appeals to me, but I did really like Fuller’s debut, Our Endless Numbered Days. I actually agree that she could have an amazing book in her.

    • She’s clearly got lots of great ideas and her writing is solid; I’ve definitely enjoyed the three novels I’ve read from her enough to always keep an eye out for what else she brings out!

  3. Great review- I’m happy to see a more positive reaction to this one in the mix! I’m hoping it will help me, picking this one up knowing not to expect a big mystery plot; it sounds like the themes and atmosphere have a lot to offer if expectations for the type of read this is can be managed.

  4. Your final paragraph is such an interesting thought – I’ve read a couple books from Fuller and would have to agree that she seems like there is a great book in her but it hasn’t quite made it out yet. Her ideas seem really unique and fascinating but the execution, in my experience, slightly falters.

    • Yes, that’s exactly how I feel about her work! I’m always drawn to the concepts and themes in her novels, but I’m yet to feel that real sucker punch when it comes to the delivery.

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