23 comments on “Favourite Book Covers

  1. Indeed, there’s a clear preference for human body parts and animals mixed with flower-ish patterns 🙂 Personally I am more inclined to pick up a book with flowers and / animals, not so much with human-related designs.

  2. Ha, this mix occasionally works for me (that Spanish version of Annihilation, I Am, I Am, I Am, Follow Me to Ground – lungs version) and occasionally creeps me out (Hex, Follow Me To Ground – head version, The Rib Joint). I don’t really like heads or skulls!

  3. There’s definitely a flower trend going on in book covers and I love it! I find it fascinating how the same book will end up with different covers at different times or for various markets. It wasn’t the most beautiful cover but my recent read No More Nice Girls had a cover that I thought worked well. It had a kind of aggressiveness to it and I secretly enjoyed reading it in public because it felt like a bold proclamation!

  4. IT’S A BOOK COVER POST, my favorite thing! All of these are so pretty, and you definitely have a style of cover you like! Out of all of these Wilder Girls is probably my favorite, I am obsessed with that cover.

  5. I love covers with a surreal feel to them – “it would be night in caracas” and “When the Doves Disappeared” are my favourites, but “Tender Morsels” is lovely as well, filled with atmosphere and symbolism.

  6. I apparently share your cover design preferences! I love the illustrated covers with florals and an eerie twist. I don’t think I’d ever read most of these books because they’d creep me out too much, but I certainly don’t mind gazing at those beautiful covers! I think Anihilare and The Rib Joint are my favorites. Who knew skeletons and flowers went so well together!

  7. I love your taste in cover art, these are all so striking! Follow Me to Ground is particularly blessed, with TWO excellent covers. That was actually the reason I didn’t end up buying it though, I couldn’t choose, lol!

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