22 comments on “Let’s Recommend | Gothic Fiction

  1. I need to read more gothic fiction, especially more Shirley Jackson.

    Wise Blood is a great one. Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin and Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh are good contemporary novels inspired by gothic fiction.

      • I’ve only read Hill House and the collection Dark Tales by Jackson (which has an introduction by Moshfegh!) I can’t say I liked Eileen as much as Moshfegh’s other work, but it’s still very solid.

        Schweblin is amazing, couldn’t recommend her more. Her short story collection Mouthful of Birds is also fantastic. I’m frothing at the mouth for the translations of her other novel and story collection to be published.

        • They’re both excellent gothic reads! We Have Always Lived in the Castle is my favourite Jackson so far.

          I’m excited about Schweblin’s work. I’ve heard such good things, and feel like I could really enjoy her style (here’s hoping, anyway!) 😊

          • We Have Always Lived in the Castle is the next one of hers I’m going to read, and very soon too.

            I’m sure you will appreciate her, and I look forward to reading your thoughts!

  2. A great list of recommendations! I am tempted to read House of Glass, as well as The Silent Companions, which you recommended previously. I also loved The Essex Serpent, which I thought had some great elements of the mysterious gothic atmosphere.

  3. House of Glass is on my TBR, but I hadn’t realised it was creepy – excellent!

    I was surprised by what fun Dracula was when I first read it more than 10 years ago – possibly time for a re-read?

    I enjoyed Purcell’s The Silent Companions but found The Corset quite forgettable – trying to decide whether to read her third book or not.

    • Oh, absolutely! House of Glass has some very chilling moments.

      Same here with Dracula. I picked it up largely as a bucket list sort of read, but I ended up loving it!

      That’s a pity you didn’t gel with The Corset much. I enjoyed both of Purcell’s novels and am very keen to try her new offering!

  4. Dracula is one of my gothic favourites. I studied it at university but I still like it?!
    Also like The Haunting of Hill House a lot. A Spell of Winter sounds interesting, I will check it out.

  5. Great post! I really should read more gothic fiction- it really fits my preference of creepy and/or bizarre perfectly. From your list, I’ve only read Spell and Haunting of Hill House so far (and really liked both!), but I’ve got a Purcell novel (The Silent Companions) on my TBR for the month, and I’ve been meaning to read Dracula for AGES. House of Glass looks tempting as well!

    • Thank you! Ooh, I’m excited to see what you make of Purcell’s work. Most people seem to prefer The Silent Companions to The Corset so that’s a great place to start. (I loved both, but rated The Corset higher.) And I was the same with Dracula for so long, but I’m really glad I finally made the time for it. I hope it proves to be worth the wait for you as well!

      • Thanks, I’m definitely looking forward to both! And I’m sure I’ll be keen to pick up The Corset if I get on well with The Silent Companions, especially knowing it worked so well for you!

  6. I’m not sure if it counts as gothic but did you ever read Burial Rites by Hannah Kent? I feel like it could hold its own amongst this recommendations.

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