42 comments on “Bookish Christmas | Original Book Tag

  1. You’ve got an eye for covers. I don’t know what to say about all the “challenges” and “tag” business. But, your collection of covers here is exquisite. I was particularly interested in the ones featured in the first image. Where do you find books with such artistic and 3D covers? I would guess they are made to wrap books, to protect them. But, I’ve never seen such covers anywhere. I may just have to design some…

    • Thank you! The books in the first image are all handmade leather journals. The bottom one was a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from, but the other two were bought on different years from a stall at the Edinburgh Christmas Market.

        • The pages are an insert slipped into the cover in a couple of them though, so I suppose they could be removed and the cover used to bind a book if it was the same dimensions. Either way, I’m definitely a sucker for a pretty cover. Thanks for your comments!

          • That’s the tough part about the designs. If they can’t accommodate different book sizes. I think I could make one that’s adjustable, though, so you COULD insert a variety of books. Maybe you just need a simple fabric/elastic band that could be slipped around the middle of a book…if you can do it without damaging pages.

            Welcome. Thanks for the gallery.

  2. This is a fabulous idea, Callum. I’m already buzzing with all the Christmas magic in the air so, as you created the tag, I’m totally in! Great questions (and answers) – it’s very creative 😀

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