13 comments on “Let’s Read

  1. You know, before you mentioned that 50 books a year was a book a week, I had *thought* my goal was reasonable. Now I’m gonna sit here sweating and panicking for another few minutes while I brainstorm all the shortest books on my shelf to devour real quick.

    I’m especially doomed since the first book I started this year is 1Q84. O.O

    • I’m sure plenty of us will be reaching for graphic novels and kids lit once we start to fall behind on our targets 😉

      Still, any reading is better than no reading, so at the risk of sounding unbearably cheesy, you can’t really lose as long as you try. *cringe* 😉

      • Hahaha oh, I’m already there. I read a manga yesterday just to get a book in (I read a lot of manga anyway, but still…). And I started an ebook I thought was gonna be a novella but turns out is really long.. but really good, so I’m flying through it.

  2. I’ve set reading goals in Goodreads now for the last two years and each year I’ve beat that goal, but I started lower at 25 then this year 35. I’m not sure what my reading goal does for me tho, I don’t pressure myself to read more as a result. What I did decide was this past year to ensure to give reviews on what I read. I’m not sure I am going to make a reading goal this year…

  3. Good luck with the goal, Callum. As far as reading goes, I’m always afraid to set myself a target because of the pressure 🙂 If beta reading counts, which I seem to be doing more of at the moment, then I may create a goal yet! Did you see the one on Lynette Noni’s site – ambitious, but fun 🙂

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