12 comments on “Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield

  1. I’m glad you liked this! For me, it did descend into full-blown staring-into-the-abyss horror in the final Leah chapter, and I was glad the body horror was relatively restrained compared to her salt slow (the bit with the eye was quite enough for me!). But obviously this depends on your particular horror tastes. I agree that the book is ultimately about grief.

  2. Actually *fascinated* by the chronic/degenerative illness metaphor angle; I’ve been wanting to pick this up but that might be the thing that pushes me to find an actual copy!

  3. I cannot wait to read this and, so far, I haven’t seen anything less than a four star review. To be honest, I will be pretty happy if the body horror is restrained because my tolerance for that sort of horror (or any kind of horror to be honest) is low. I think that the allegory sounds incredibly well done and I am really hoping to love this. Also, I am completely obsessed with the cover.

  4. Interesting review, thanks for sharing! I had heard of the book and thought it sounded intriguing, but when I sampled it decided the writing style is not for me.

  5. Sounds interesting! And to be honest, I don’t mind the lack of full-blown horror. Too bad it didn’t live up to your expectations, having high expectations is always tricky. My reading is a bit slow-going at the moment, but I will try to pick this one up at some point.

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