21 comments on “Top Reads of 2021

  1. Hooray, I thought you would like Sealed! I also loved The Butchers’ Blessing. I have an ARC of Once There Were Wolves which I plan to read in January, so good to know you liked it.

  2. I just added Once there Were Wolves to my collection! Now I’m more excited to read it! I struggled a little to get through her other book Migrations, but this one seems really interesting.

  3. How many books do you normally read?! 101 sounds good to me. 😊 Glad to see Christie on the list and now I look forward to Small Things Like These even more. We have to agree on disagreeing on Klara!

    • I normally hit 120-130, but I’m definitely still happy with 101, haha. Klara definitely seems to be hit or miss, so I’m glad it worked for me! Hope you have a great reading year ahead! 📚😊

  4. Once There Were Wolves sounds great, we’ve got a coyote problem here in Edmonton (or, they have a human problem!) so that resonates. And I must, must get to Small Things Like These!

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  6. Great list. I have just added Endless Night to my TBR, many thanks, it sounds just great. Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan is also something I would enjoy. The one I have to disagree on is Klara & The Sun. It would have been only “good” for a debut writer, but for a Nobel Laureate it is just embarrassing. Really, what world-building was there? Three or two strange new words Ishiguro introduced? Too conveniently tapped into AI and YA, too, in my opinion.

    • I hope you enjoy the Christie and Keegan as much as I did! That’s a shame you didn’t gel with the Ishiguro. There was definitely a naivety to the tone/worldview, but I felt it worked given the POV. Still, we can’t love them all!

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