9 comments on “The Secret Talker by Geling Yan | Book Review

  1. OMG I’ve had an ARC of this for ages and I don’t think I realized it was translated, I never even considered it for WIT Month. That’s a shame that it underwhelms as a thriller and literary novel though, I’ve read a few too many of those lately.

    • I didn’t realise it was translated when I requested it either! (Kind of hits home how often translators get shafted by publishers, doesn’t it? 💁🏻‍♂️) It was still a solid, swift read; I just wish it hadn’t been pushed as a thriller as much as it was. Would love to know your thoughts 👀

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  3. Literary thrillers is such an interesting genre (is it a genre?) I do see what you mean about being underwhelming on both fronts, though. Do you have any good recommendations? I am probably not going to pick up The Secret Talker…

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  5. I DNF’ed this book a while back, I just wasn’t crazy about the writing style. I think that Asian books that are translated into English have a certain vibe and they don’t always work for me. Great review! 🙂

    • Thank you! I know what you mean; there’s often a certain “coldness” to contemporary Asian lit, if that’s the right word 😅 It can leave you feeling held at a bit of a distance sometimes.

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