9 comments on “Because of You by Dawn French | Book Review

  1. Thanks very much for this review, Callum. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about skipping this one as I did make certain assumptions about it. This shows that those assumptions were well-founded, and honestly, I think Dawn French would rather I didn’t hate-read her novel just because it’s on the Women’s Prize longlist!

    • My pleasure! Agreed; I suspect Dawn herself had no expectations of being listed when she was working on the novel. It’s a solid enough piece of commercial fiction, but it seems destined to suffer when held against the supposed best fiction of the year.

  2. Interesting review. I don’t think this book is for me but I’m sure that many will love it. Good point about the one dimensional male characters, I find this a lot in books that would be categorised as women’s fiction and in thrillers too. About the prize nomination, you have to wonder that if the author wasn’t so famous, would she get on the list?!

  3. Good point about the longlist context changing the way a reader may be approaching this novel- I suspect that was part of the trouble I had with expecting more engagement from Small Pleasures as well, and it makes me feel a little better about not picking this one up- I probably wouldn’t be able to help approaching with the same bias. I’m sorry to see that this one ultimately disappointed for you despite some promising elements, but nevertheless I think your review does it much justice. I hope French’s book will find the hands of the right readers, even if that’s not the literary crowd.

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