18 comments on “Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro | Book Review

  1. Amazing review, you do have a way with words! And I appreciate reviews, which don’t reveal anything about the plot, after having read a massive spoiler in one of the UK newspapers. Grrrr. Even if we had a somewhat different experience of this book, I mostly agree with your points. I have seen people criticising the language, but it was strangely suitable to Klara’s character. I did wonder about the “feelings” of Klara, though. As a reader, I think we project our own feelings on her and feel sad for her or happy for her. But from the text itself, this point isn’t entirely clear.

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 That’s so frustrating; I’m really glad I managed to go into this one spoiler free, I think it really heightened the reading experience.

      Great point. I think we definitely project our own perspective onto Klara’s worldview, and thus have a greater emotional response to certain situations than she does. It felt to me like she lacked an ability to perceive certain nuances (especially ones that would frame humans in a bad light, interestingly), but that she was definitely capable of “basic” emotion, like contentment, anxiety, etc.

  2. I found this underwhelming, unfortunately. I loved Klara’s voice and perspective but I felt like the book didn’t have much to say, which is so weird for Ishiguro. All the characters other than Klara were so underdeveloped. I did, however, appreciate that Ishiguro seems to have created an AI that genuinely thinks differently from us, rather than going for the old cliche of an AI who is human in everything but name/discriminated against – but I would have liked much more of that and much less of Josie!

    • The characterisation of the supporting cast didn’t bother me, given the first person perspective. I thought it made sense, given her naivety, that Klara failed to pick up more overtly on certain nuances that were only hinted at. I thought there was particularly interesting subtext on grief and consumerism, but agree that a little more punch would have been welcome. And absolutely, the AI Ishiguro created is definitely one if the more interesting and convincing.

  3. Great review! I fully agree with you about this book. I liked it a lot but, yes, there definitely could have been more of a punch at the end. At the same time, the subtlety throughout was very in line with Ishiguro’s previous work.

  4. Hello Callum. I read about half of this book. I didn’t like the atmosphere of it and set it aside. I may go back to it at some time. It was disappointing as I’m a big fan of Ishiguro’s.

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