11 comments on “Rudy Francisco & Chavisa Woods | Mini Reviews

  1. I really appreciate the way you articulate your reservations about the Woods collection. The nuances of resisting threat vs. perpetuating violent cycles are so complex and you navigate their implications in Woods’s work very skilfully here.

    • Thank you! That’s great to hear. Especially as a male reviewer, I was very conscious of not wanting to undermine the validity of Woods’ work, even if I didn’t always agree with her delivery.

  2. It’s too bad, when you agree with all the intentions of the author, but can’t get on with the way the message is delivered. I 100% agree with you regarding combating problematic behaviour with further problematic behaviour. On the other hand, I can also understand how the built-up frustrations can sometimes result in behaviour like that. Great and sensitively written review!

  3. I’m sorry the Woods book didn’t work for you better but you do a great job here of offering a fair perspective on her work, I think. I felt like she was deliberately trying to wear the reader down with the monotony of it but I can definitely see how that wouldn’t work for everyone.

  4. Ooh, nice to see your thoughts on 100 Times, which I’ve been looking forward to. It’s helpful to be warned going in that the execution may leave a bit to be desired even if the intent is perhaps still worth reading for. I was hoping to love this as much as Not That Bad, the collection on rape culture ed. by Roxane Gay, but it sounds like this one won’t be replacing it as a favorite for me- repetitious writing and excessive violence are not tactics I particularly enjoy either. But you’ve done a fantastic job of noting potential shortcomings without overshadowing the value of the project as a whole- I’m still willing to read the book but feeling more prepared. Deftly written, great post.

    • Thank you! I was keen not to seem dismissive of the book’s great intentions, even if it didn’t really work for me, so that’s good to hear. I’d definitely be intrigued to see your take on it!

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