16 comments on “Bookish Christmas Gift Guide 2020

  1. What a lovely post, as usual! Mythologica does look like a fantastic gift, that one’s really tempting me. And I didn’t even realize book lamps existed, but they’re beautiful!

  2. You are clearly speaking my language because everything on here is so appealing to me! I love those book lights and the idea of a foldable light is brilliant. I also love the idea of sending a pamphlet of poetry to someone.

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  4. The book lamps are fun! I like the idea of book journals, for certain types of books it’s nice to be able to take notes, I always use old school pen and paper for that.

  5. Poetry Instead of a Card is such an amazing idea! Love it. I also kind of want all of these things now, haha. Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

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