9 comments on “Pew by Catherine Lacey | Book Review

  1. Labelling people based on their physical characteristics doesn’t sound like uncommon behaviour from human beings (although with amnesia and an unwillingness to speak perhaps that’s all they’d got to work with?) Glad you found it worthwhile reading despite of the flaws and untapped potential.

  2. Great review! I’ve been curious about this one… and am still not sure. The premise and themes sound so appealing, but that it seems to deliver less than it could sounds rather disappointing, especially with tantalizing implications in the final chapter. I think I’ll keep it on my radar for now- I’m glad you found it ultimately worth your while, if not a perfect read!

    • Thank you! I had seen a couple of very polarised reviews before I picked it up and I think that helped me approach it in a fairly neutral, balanced way, but I’d definitely be intrigued to see more people’s takes on it!

  3. A shame this one didn’t deliver. I find it uniquely frustrating when there seems to be a more interesting story behind the one a book is telling!

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