12 comments on “Peach by Emma Glass | Book Review

  1. I agree, it is slightly easier to read about an assault or other disturbing events, when you “just” experience it in hindsight. Nevertheless, it still sounds pretty intense.

  2. This sounds fantastic, I really need to check out this author! I think I put Rest and Be Thankful by Glass on my TBR after reading your review as well, and now I can’t decide where to start, lol.

    • She’s definitely one of my favourite author discoveries of 2020! Her books are totally different stylistically, but both essentially chronicle the mental deterioration of a female protagonist. Personally, I clicked with Rest and Be Thankful more, and am almost certain it will be among my books of the year 👀

      • !! That’s great to hear, and definitely makes me lean toward starting with Rest! Now I must track down a copy. 🙂

  3. This sounds powerful, though a difficult read. I’m intrigued by the idea of unreliability after the event. It brings to mind the criticism victims sometimes get of not acting the “right” way, as if trauma manifests itself the same way for everyone. Great review.

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