18 comments on “The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue | Book Review

  1. Five stars!! Maybe, I don’t remember correctly, but you haven’t had that many five stars recently? I like the setting for this one and we have probably reached the stage where I am not shying away from books about deadly flu pandemics anymore. 😉

  2. It’s SO good. I agree that she uses Irish history very effectively – light-touch but giving us a glimpse into Ireland in the aftermath of the Rising but before independence. I hadn’t heard of Kathleen Lynn before and found her fascinating.

  3. Only you can make me want to read a World War narrative immediately! This was a great review, I love the sound of this critical experience of war interconnecting with all the social changes coming into play.

  4. Great review! I am so glad this worked for you well enough to warrant one of your very rare five star reviews! I am, however, kind of hoping this will not make the WP longlist next year because it does sound way too dark for me.

    • Thank you! I’d be happy to see it there (and think it seems like a very obvious frontrunner at the moment) but totally understand why some wouldn’t want to read it, especially right now.

  5. Great review, this really sounds like a book that’s not to be missed! I also really liked your article about the 1918 flu- I did not know that all pandemics since then are derived from the same virus. And we could do with bringing back the naming and shaming of mask slackers, I think! Donoghue really couldn’t have picked a better year for this release, though it’s exciting to see that there’s so much to appreciate in its characterization and setting beyond the timely plague parallels.

    • Thank you! Neither did I until I started doing research for the piece. It’s uncanny how timely it all feels, but it’s absolutely strong enough to stand on its merits beyond that fact 😊

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