7 comments on “August Wrap Up | Women in Translation Month

  1. Interesting post. I couldn’t bear to read Women at Point Zero. Of Salt and Shore sounds good; I have often remarked on the fact that most of these stories were written for adults and then tamed for children to read. Same thing with Irish mythology.

  2. Very impressive and a very interesting selection of books. I agree with you on Nothomb’s Fear and Trembling. I liked it even less than you – I don’t know what Nothomb was thinking, and for someone who likes to present herself as born in Kobe, Japan, the material in that book is even more incomprehensible. I think her debut Hygiene and the Assassin is her best work. Salt and Shore sounds good, I will be adding it to my TBR. I love fairy tales. I vowed to myself that I will definitely participate in this challenge next year.

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  4. What a fantastic month, you fit in so many books, and from such a wide range of languages!! One of these years I need to follow your lead and commit to reading only WIT in August, so I can start catching up with all the translations on my TBR. I’ve got both of your favorites from this month on my list!

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