14 comments on “I Who Have Never Known Men by Jacqueline Harpman | Book Review

  1. Ah, I was quite excited when I read the first paragraph here but no, those plot holes, and the language used by the heroine would annoy me greatly too.

  2. Fantastic review (and I thought it was quite balanced, despite you thinking it came off as negative)! This sounds like fascinating read, but I’m afraid the plot holes might be too frustrating… I’ll think on whether to pick this up, but I’m really glad you put it on my radar.

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  4. Ah, it’s too bad the details weren’t tidier with this one, the concept sounds so intriguing! I am too easily frustrated by what feels like lazy writing so perhaps this one won’t be for me, though I love dystopian premises like this. Too bad there wasn’t a better balance. Great review!

  5. Oh man I’m on the fence about this – I’ve had it on my TBR because it sounds brilliant but I don’t tend to do well with dystopian fiction that doesn’t provide the reader with answers! (Looking at you Handmaid’s Tale…)

    • Honestly? This gives NO answers whatsoever. Like, even less context than Handmaid’s Tale. It’s definitely an interesting read with an amazing concept, but take from that prior information what you will 👀

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