7 comments on “Igifu by Scholastique Mukasonga | Book Review

  1. I am sorry you found the stories too similar, but perhaps that is unsurprising if they build on real-life experiences. It’s undoubtedly a conflict I ought to know more about, but not sure I could bear reading about it.

  2. Ah, I’m easily frustrated by collections that feel largely like reiterations of the same story. It’s too bad this one didn’t have a stronger sense of differentiation, as the focus on unrest at the individual and community level as opposed to the overt violence does sound like a very appealing angle for short pieces to delve into! Great review.

    • Thank you! In fairness to the collection, there is some variety in terms of plot, it was more the tone and narrative voice that felt too similar to me, unfortunately. A worthwhile read, but not as powerful as it could have been.

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