9 comments on “The Bird Tribunal by Agnes Ravatn | Book Review

  1. Great review! I’m not much of a horror person, but I love non-conventional thrillers with an emphasis on the characters – this sounds really promising! Also I think I get most of my translated lit TBRs from your blog lol

    • Thank you! It’s definitely more on the slow burn, character driven side of things, so hopefully you’d enjoy it.

      Oh, I love translated lit so that is high praise indeed! Haha 📚✨

  2. Why do women in books always think it’s a good idea to on their own to remote areas? Of course, if they didn’t, we would miss out on a lot of stories. 😉 Sounds like a good one!

  3. Great review! Psychological character study sounds just as appealing as thriller to me, and I love a good menacing atmosphere. This has been on my radar since Rachel reviewed it, but I’m even more encouraged now that this is a story I’ll enjoy. I’m glad you liked this one!

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