25 comments on “Let’s Recommend | Women in Translation

  1. I’ve only read Convenience Store Woman, which I loved, but I like the sound of most of your recommendations. I’m about to start on The Memory Police – that should fit the bill? No idea how Women in Translation Month work, though. Do you have to read a minimum number of books to join?

    • Yes, that absolutely fits the bill 😊 Yoko Ogawa is great but I haven’t read that particular novel from her yet.

      There are no rules! It’s simply a month where people read and recommend books by women in translation. No minimum or maximum numbers to worry about! 😊

  2. I have no less than eight (8) of these on my TBR, and I’m sure at least half of them were direct results of your reviews! Apparently I should have no shortage of ideas for translated books to read this coming month! Tender is the Flesh is already on its way to me and will be a top priority for sure. Love this post, and I look forward to seeing what you’ll pick up in August for WIT!

  3. I read Snare thanks to you, and Liar is on my list also thanks to you, so I might be left with no choice but to add everything else to my TBR. I have been seriously considering The White Book, as I loved Han Kang’s other two books, but have been hesitant about how experimental this one seems to be – I’m torn between “this sounds fascinating” and “I won’t understand a thing”. Also I can’t wait for Tender is the Flesh to come out in English!

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