20 comments on “Supper Club by Lara Williams| Book Review

    • Yes, that’s a great way to put it! The club itself ended up feeling more like a device than a particularly integral or well explored part of the story, which felt like a wasted opportunity.

  1. Nah, I don’t think this one is for me. I agree, it sounds like there are plenty of good ingredients, but if they are not mixed together with finesse and balance, the end result may still be underwhelming.

    • I definitely think the execution could have been stronger in some areas. It’s lingering in my mind at the moment though, so I’m intrigued to see how it fairs over time; whether it improves or weakens the more I mull it over.

  2. Great review! It’s good to hear about some of the book’s flaws going in, especially since I’ve been so excited about the premise. How disappointing that the LGBTQ representation isn’t done as well as it could be, and that the themes are so spelled out, though I’m glad there were some pros to the book for you as well. It does sound like Williams will be a good author to watch even if this one didn’t quite come together!

  3. Great review! Overall, I enjoyed this though I agree that the peripheral characters were rather lacking and I ended up feeling like it wasn’t a real portrayal of female friendship.

  4. “Clunky dialogue full of exposition regularly spells out the novel’s every thematic intention with little room for debate”—oh nooo I hate it when books are too heavy handed! And I’m also disappointed to hear about the misrepresentation of LGBTQ individuals. This was one of the books that looked very intriguing to me from the WP squad’s list. I would still be interested in it but maybe not a priority for now. Really appreciate your balanced review!

  5. Oh, you make very good points here, I need to re-think my experience with the book! I remember quickly frowning at the way we find out about Sash being trans, but couldn’t pinpoint what exactly bothered me and I ended up forgetting about it afterwards, but you put it quite nicely: it’s basically a plot twist and she does feel like a token character at times, although I was pleased to have a trans character in the group. Brilliant review, and quite fair that you didn’t enjoy it much!

    • Yeah, I loved that the author included a trans woman in a female only space and what she was saying with that decision, so I’m sure she was well meaning with the representation 😊

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