15 comments on “The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta | Book Review

      • My 39 year old daughter (yes, I am that old:-) volunteers for the Trevor Project. It amazes me that in 2020 it still so hard, but then again, Black Lives Matters is still a much needed movement. My husband marched in the 1960 for civil rights, and this garbage is still going on. Sorry, venting.

        • That’s great, the Trevor Project does excellent work! And yes, it’s incredibly frustrating that history seems to be repeating itself; hopefully society will learn this time and we’ll move that much closer to true equality.

  1. I am glad, it doesn’t just focus on all the negative aspects! As you say, even if there are still a lot of problems, we really have come a long way! Sounds like a great read, not at least for youngsters who struggle with some of the same issues.

  2. Great review! I love the juxtapositions here- that allys might still struggle with prejudices, that queerness can be joyful even while challenges persist, that society has come far but still has far to go. It sounds like a perfect read for this month. I’m glad you mostly enjoyed it! 🙂

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