14 comments on “Sea Wife by Amity Gaige | Book Review

  1. Oh dear! I have found that quite a few novels founder when they can’t decide whether they want to be a fast-paced thriller or something more literary.

  2. Ah, what a disappointment. Sometimes, I actually enjoy novels which are difficult to classify as one or the other, but in this case it sounds like a bad mixture.

  3. It’s so frustrating when a book isn’t what it’s marketed to be, and when it doesn’t know what it’s trying to be in the first place! I’ve recently read a book that was marketed as a literary thriller, but it was neither literary nor a thriller. Very disappointing. Sea Wife was on my radar but I’m dissuaded from picking it up now—it seems like it tried to do a lot but fell short of making any meaningful commentary on anything.

  4. Great review! “Doesn’t know what type of novel it wants to be” is perhaps the most frustrating kind. Sorry to see this one fell into that trap!

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