18 comments on “Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson | Book Review

  1. Great review! There’s something so satisfying about a novel that is successful and impactful despite having a shorter page count. I’m really looking forward to reading this (and curious about the questionable plot development at the end haha).

  2. I think characters “waxing lyrical about each other with unrealistically flowery language” might annoy me as well despite of the beautiful prose. Still sounds like an interesting read, though.

  3. I agree with your point about the flowery prose—I was really raising my eyebrows at Melody’s part at the start. There were times when it worked, like with the grandmother’s part where her being poetic felt closer to oral tradition, but in other parts it was just too much and uncalled for.

    Re the plot development—is this about Jam? If it was, I also felt it was underdeveloped, and I really wondered about Woodson’s choice to pick the title from that portion of the story.

    • Yes! It really bothers me when young/teen characters speak like Romantic poets.

      I wasn’t referring to Jam actually, but it’s true that a few plot points could have been explored in greater depth.

  4. Sounds solid! I was listening to it and really didn’t gel with it, but suspect reading a hard copy might be a very different experience.

  5. Great review! That’s an interesting point about the ending feeling too quick and unexplored- I did like that detail while reading, but felt when I closed the book that I would’ve liked another 50 pages or so to dig into things a bit further so I can definitely see your point there. Even so, I was surprised and impressed at how much Woodson managed to pack into so few pages!

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