17 comments on “The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave | Book Review

  1. Great review, Callum! I’m glad you found this book to be fresh and skilled at evoking atmosphere, as well as creating believable and nuanced characters. I am so excited now to pick this up after your and Emily’s glowing reviews.

  2. Excellent review! I am in full agreement on this one, Millwood Hargrave does a fantastic job of bringing this time and place in history to full (and horrifying) life through very believable characters. And the numbers in your accompanying piece really put this into perspective for me- especially in the US, the Salem trials are my basis for witch trial knowledge, and yet that was such a small event in comparison to what happened at Vardo.

    • Thank you! 😊 I was really shocked as well when I was researching the topic and found that statistic. This is a great book for lots of reasons, but one of them is definitely that more people will learn about what happened in Vardø.

    • I’ll be shook if this isn’t one of my books of the year (and I’m increasingly salty that it didn’t make the WP longlist). It is such a me book to be fair, but it’s also genuinely Very Good. I’m excited for your thoughts 👀

  3. I’m terribly impressed you gave it 5 stars, The synopsis makes it sound fantastic, as many of them do, but seeing you actually LOVE it is super encouraging! 😀 I need to pick this up soon!

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