8 comments on “Book to Film | In the Tall Grass

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  2. Great post, I guess we all do that comparison in our head, when watching an adaptation. And good to know Stephen King writes short books 😉 . I rarely find the movie better than the book, so if you weren’t completely convinced by the book, I’m not surprised about your opinion of the movie.

  3. Great reviews! I’m sorry to see the novella didn’t work better for you, but I completely agree with you on all points about the film. I really like short stories that are left a bit open to the imagination (though in a longer form the lack of cohesion would bother me as well, so I can definitely see where you’re coming from); I thought both formats were entertaining at least, and am glad you enjoyed them at least somewhat!

  4. This is a great dual review! I definitely had a lot of similar feelings about both the story and the adaptation. I also read and watched them both on the same day, and definitely found it fun to compare them back-to-back!

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