18 comments on “Bookish Christmas Gift Guide 2019

  1. Love this! I get too many literary gifts ( there’s only so many book lights you can use…) but these are much more tasteful than the sort I receive! And I was very pleased with my Mr b’s reading spa last birthday (the in situ version of the subscription service).

  2. I do not often receive literary gifts and all these look absolutely amazing. I love your owl bookends and those literary pins I must have, I think! I never understood the craze for Funko Pop figurines, though. Perhaps someone will one day explain to me their point or popularity. I also thought I knew UK book box subscriptions, but apparently I do not. The majority were new to me, so that was very useful.

  3. Great post, Callum!!! This is so exciting, I love the idea of books as stocking stuffer! I might actually suggest that with a not-too-subtle hint to my family and friends.

  4. This is so great! It is definitely the book lover’s curse that gifting us our favorite things (books) is such a challenge. These are all really great ideas, some I’ve already used and some to keep in mind. I always like trying to convert some of my less book-inclined family members with stocking-stuffer type books as well, so your specific examples are much appreciated!

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  6. I second the love for Robert Ingpen! We’ve been slowly collecting his illustrated editions for our kids. And literary mag subscriptions are something I ask for every year! This is a great guide!

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