8 comments on “Irish Lit and a Graphic Novel | Mini Reviews

  1. Great reviews! I guess you must be one of the bloggers who got me started on doing mini reviews. The Forester’s Daughter sounds intriguing. Interesting you write it has a fable-esque quality, the cover certainly made me think of a fable!

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  3. The Forester’s Daughter has been one of my favorite Faber Stories so far, I’m glad it worked for you as well! I’ve been meaning to pick up the rest of Keegan’s Walk the Blue Fields collection but haven’t gotten around to it yet. A Keeper sounds interesting as well!

  4. Interesting! I was really underwhelmed by Graham Norton’s first thriller – all I really remember about it years later is a super graphic rape scene, and the fact that all of the reveals came from characters randomly deciding to confess to the detective at opportune moments. A Keeper sounds better, and I do have a copy of it from Netgalley, so I may give him a second chance. And The Forester’s Daughter obviously sounds so up my alley!

    • I remembered that you didn’t love Norton’s first novel which is why I started with this one, and it was solid if nothing groundbreaking. But yes, you should definitely read The Forester’s Daughter!

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