9 comments on “The Break by Katherena Vermette | Book Review

    • It feels like one I should have loved more than I did, so maybe I picked it up at the wrong time? It’s definitely a solid book and it has amazing reviews on Goodreads, so I’d certainly still recommend it!

  1. Great review! I read this one a couple of years ago (it must have come out earlier in Canada) so my memories are a little fuzzy but I recall it as being intense but very good. I think you’re right about the number of characters and never being quite clear on how they were all connected. In Canada, this was a very timely book as it was published shortly after the official inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and I think it did an excellent job of casting a light onto the lives of Metis women and just how prevalent violence can be for them. Vermette has a new book coming out next year that is supposed to be connected to this one so I’ll be interested to see where she takes it.

    • Thank you! I would definitely be open to trying more from the author. Though I didn’t quite gel with the prose/voice, I thought she handled the subject matter with suitable sensitivity and honesty, and I loved the themes she explored.

  2. I often think something is exactly my cup of tea, when I read the blurb or even other reviews. But actually, I don’t have a very good hit ratio. Just shows how difficult it is to pick the five star reads!

    • Very true! It’s often surprising which books underwhelm and which ones surpass our expectations. I suppose that’s the joy of picking up a new book – you never know when you could discover a new favourite! 😊

  3. Ah, too bad this didn’t live up to expectations, it sounds like it had a lot of potential! The excess of perspectives does sound hard to manage, though. Great review!

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