19 comments on “The Wall by John Lanchester | Book Review

  1. This is exactly what it sounds like from the blurb! A bit annoyed that this ended up on the Booker longlist, though I don’t plan to read it so I can’t really judge.

  2. I recently downloaded this, but afterwards I thought it might have been a mistake. Your review hasn’t convinced me, I have to read it. I probably thought it was more groundbreaking and original.

    • I’ve seen quite a few lukewarm reviews recently, and I suspect its nomination for the Booker raised people’s expectations higher than the book could live up to, sadly. Everything else aside, it’s still very readable.

  3. Yes, very true about the Booker list, which would definitely have raised people’s expectations. I suspect, I will read it sooner or later and it might be ok, now my expectations have been brought down to earth 😉

  4. Great review! I felt very similarly about this one, and it seemed harsh to rate it as low as I did (2 stars) because there’s not really anything wrong with the story, but the predictability and my expectations based on the Booker list really made this one seem frustratingly underwhelming for me.
    But I completely agree with your point about the divide between older and younger generations, I also found that aspect fascinating, as well as how easily the MC falls into his role on the Wall. Definitely some good elements, though ultimately it missed the mark for me. I’m glad you at least found the story engaging!

    • Thank you! 😊 Yes, I’m totally with you on that. There’s little to complain about, but it feels as though the author played it somewhat safe. There was so much opportunity to say something new or push the subject matter forward, but it all felt rather predictable. Like Cathy said, perhaps it felt so close to home that it didn’t feel speculative enough, which is a depressing thought.

  5. Great review! Books like this always leave me wondering how they’ll be perceived in ten, twenty or more years. I think they either fade away or become more famous because they were so accurate.

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  7. I agree with everything here! I just put out my own ramblings on The Wall and wanted to see what others had to say; relieved to know we’re in the same sort of boat!

    In response to some of the other comments; I can only hope The Wall isn’t too accurate a prediction of where things are going. A teally good review!

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