18 comments on “Genevieve Valentine & Robert Aickman | Mini Reviews

  1. I like the idea of exploring the insane beauty standards of today. By the sounds of it, the author takes this idea further into the extreme (I think it is bad enough as it is today). The world of fashion and catwalk shows is fascinating, it is like a world of its own, which works differently from the rest of the world. Could be tempted by this one (and it is free 😉).

  2. Great reviews! I completely agree that The Inner Room offers more questions than answers, but I did find the concept particularly haunting. The image of that dollhouse has really stuck with me! La Beaute Sans Vertu sounds interesting as well!

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  4. Omg La beauté sans vertu sounds so good, I can’t believe the ending let you down a bit!! I need to see read this – sounds amazing. But I am partial towards books that deal with rather, let’s say, lax morals. Great reviews! I love that I always get to know a book I never heard of before whenever I come to your blog.

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