7 comments on “Turbulence by David Szalay | Book Review

  1. What you mention is exactly why I am not keen on short stories – it is difficult to really get under the skin of the characters. It sounds like a clever way of connecting the stories though.

    • A short story that manages to pack a punch can be a wonderful thing, but this was definitely an instance of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Read alone, the stories would almost certainly have underwhelmed, but the overall theme that becomes apparent throughout the book as a whole is very interesting and well explored.

  2. Great review! This one’s on my TBR, because I enjoy interconnected stories and was attracted to that ripple effect possibility… it’s good to know that’s not quite what to expect from this book, but also that there are other appreciable elements!

    • Thank you 😊 Same here! I think there was an element of expectation versus reality that unfairly dampened my enjoyment, because I think it’s a good book, and what it achieves is certainly impressively thought-provoking. I’m intrigued to hear what you end up making of it!

  3. I got an ARC of this when I was still working at a bookstore, it sounds interesting but also kind of minor. He is a writer I really want to read, but I’m more interested in his debut, London and the South-East, and All That Man Is.

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