6 comments on “The Crucible | Theatre Review

  1. I’ve never seen this performed, but have always enjoyed the story. Those stylistic changes of using various UK accents and making Danforth a woman sound GREAT and really add some modern commentary to such a familiar tale. I’m glad you enjoyed this, it sounds like an experience worth having!

  2. This sounds like an amazing production! I love this play so much – my introduction to it was Ivo van Hove’s 2016 production on Bway which blew my mind. One interesting thing he did was actually incorporate supernatural elements through screen projections and harnesses so that girls were floating, and there was a wolf (or a dog-like wolf, probably) that wandered on stage at one point. It was such an interesting choice that almost appears contrary to the spirit of the play, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the effect was to make witchcraft actually feel as real and threatening as it was to the characters in the show. But the costumes and set were modernized so it also played to the timelessness of the themes. (Also, Ben Whishaw was just stupidly good as John Proctor – another bonus.) Anyway I love experimental theatre and productions that twist elements of the original – the UK accents and a female Danforth both sound like really interesting decisions.

    • That sounds amazing! I love the idea of playing with the supernatural undertones to show just how all consuming lies/paranoia can be; to the point that people actually start seeing and believing it. That’s so clever!

      Ugh, Ben Whishaw, he’s so good! Obviously none of the actors in this production were on that level of fame, but there were some very recognisable faces from the Scottish theatre scene. Actually, two of the actresses (the ones who played Abigail and Danforth) were the leads in the production of The Last Witch I saw. Pretty interesting considering the thematic crossover!

  3. This sounds great! I really need to see a production of this play; I’ve read the play itself and it felt so lacking on the page yet it’s such a classic.

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