17 comments on “Horizontal Collaboration by Navie & Carole Maurel | Book Review

  1. This looks devastating and so beautiful. Lovely review – I’m not sure I’ll actually pick this up, but I’m really glad it’s on my radar.

  2. I’m hoping to explore more graphic novels sometime soon, and the art style in this looks brilliant. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Great review!

  3. Great review! This sounds dark and fantastic… and I just remembered that I wanted to try reading more graphic novels this year, which didn’t really happen… But there’s still a little time. I’d really like to pick this one up!

  4. Great review! This looks and sounds like something I would enjoy reading even though the content is dark and heavy. I like books such as these that portray different aspects of what is like to experience various societal struggles. I also imagine that writing about the German occupation in France is not easy or inviting, even if it is (or maybe especially) in a graphic format.

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