12 comments on “Lust, Caution by Eileen Chang | Book Review

  1. I’m not sure I’ve asked you or if you’ve discussed this before, but do you ever DNF books? This one sounds so disconnected from you that I’m surprised you didn’t toss it aside.

    • I rarely DNF; only if I’m finding a book outright offensive, which thankfully doesn’t happen often at all. Like I said, I enjoyed the themes Chang was exploring, and there was some great use of imagery, so though I didn’t love it, I was certainly happy to keep reading.

      • I’ve found that if I’m not into a book, it takes me forever to finish it because I’m just not focusing. This is the main reason I will DNF. Sometimes I keep reading offensive books just to see if they redeem themselves. They typically don’t.

  2. A shame about the translation, the role of women within Chinese society does sound like an interesting subject. I could imagine Chinese is a difficult language to translate from though.

    • Absolutely; Chinese is such a complex and nuanced language that I imagine there are a lot of stylistic choices required when translating into English. I suspect that’s why there was such a sense of inconsistency from story to story. I would certainly try more of Chang’s work, but I would opt for a novel completed by a single translator.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It does seem odd to have used so very many translators. And those descriptors certainly don’t seem to convey slice-of-life… what an unfortunate use of ‘intensely atmospheric.’
    I hope your next WIT read will be more to your taste!

    • Yeah, it’s a shame the book wasn’t marketed as well as it could have been, especially since I’d been excited to try Chang’s work for a while. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!

  4. That seems like such a strange choice, to have multiple translators. And too bad, because the content sounds right up my alley. I wonder if these are the only English translations available…

  5. Nice review! And it is a pity for me because I was looking forward to reading “Lust, Caution”. I have just read and reviewed Eileen Chang’s “Half a Lifelong Romance” and really liked it (adored it, actually), so was thinking about reading this book next. Reading your review, I have a strong feeling I will have the same reaction as you.

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