12 comments on “Lucy Taylor & Kij Johnson | Two Mini Reviews

  1. Sweetlings sounds great! A touch of The Kraken Wakes? Ugh, not a fan of the theme of ‘the cruelty children are capable of’ (this is only interesting if you believe that children aren’t people, and/or are naturally sweet and innocent) so not surprised to hear that Ponies didn’t work.

    • There is a touch of Wyndham to Sweetlings now that you mention it.

      True. I think the theme only works when the author explores the paradox between society’s assumption that children are wholly innocent beings, and the reality that being part of that same society makes such an existence impossible. Sadly, Ponies was just too brief to get into the meat of things.

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  4. I read often that people go into a book knowing the hype behind it and then are disappointed. It makes me wonder about how bloggers rate books. I don’t use a star rating, but I have a sense of what makes a successful story or novel and consider what the genre standards are. For instance, I scratch my head when people write that the loved a book and then dismiss it as “fluff.” Was the book not engaging, did it not affect them emotionally? Is that not what the genre seeks to do? When a book is really popular or wins a number of awards, I still go into it with the same standards, asking myself what is expected of the genre. Do you feel like you raise your expectations when you review a book if others have said it’s award worthy?

    • I wouldn’t rate a book higher or lower based on it being praised or not, nor would I reach for a book purely because it was award-winning. I’ve adored books that have generally low ratings, and have hated books that are critically acclaimed. It all just depends on the book and the reader 🤷🏻‍♂️

      If a book appeals to me in themes and narrative, and then I see that it’s been praised by noteworthy writers/prizes, it certainly adds an extra layer of intrigue, if nothing else.

      • Interesting answer. I love that you read such a variety of books and am thankful that you shared a bit more about where you’re coming from as a reader! I guess assumed that when people say they fell for the hype, or something to that effect, that it’s a negative reaction based on shifting criteria. I should not assume such things.

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