14 comments on “Jim Crumley & Julia O’Faolain | Two Mini Reviews

  1. I felt the EXACT same about the Julia O’Faolain – I mean, has there ever been a better premise for anything, ever??? I didn’t dislike it at all but I ended up wanting so much more. I’d like to try one of her novels at some point though.

    • Right?? The setup, the writing, and the themes are all SO good that it shouldn’t have left us feeling so underwhelmed… I would definitely try more of her work as well though.

  2. It’s a shame that the O’Faolain was so disappointing, although I’m not sure I find the premise as exciting as you and Rachel obviously do… 🙂

  3. Wonderful reviews, as usual! The Company of Swans reminds me of The Cows by Lydia Davis, though definitely more expanded on. I love when authors showcase their infatuation with animals. And that’s such a shame about Daughters of Passion— I mean, what a concept!

  4. Lovely reviews. 🙂
    I felt the same about Daughters of Passion- it was such a great concept but just didn’t spend enough time on the main relationship to let me invest in the story beyond the idea of it.

  5. The book about the mute swans took me back instantly to a childhood favorite: The Trumpet of the Swan! Did you ever read it? A mute swan can’t honk, so he learns how to write on a chalk board on his neck to communicate with the other swans, and they just think he’s a weirdo because they can’t read because they’re SWANS?? It’s so good!

    As for the Faber story: I know that the Literary Elephant seems to be having pretty “meh” feelings about the stories, too. Maybe time to try a different publisher.

    • I didn’t, but that sounds suitably adorable!

      Oh, I’ve really enjoyed some of the Faber Stories range so far (as has Emily, if memory serves), it’s just that this one didn’t live up to my high expectations, sadly. There are several others I’m still keen to try, so hopefully I’ll have better luck there.

  6. It’s a shame about Daughters of Passion. I hadn’t heard of it but that sounds right up my street. As you said, it sounds like it would make a great novel.

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