11 comments on “What Red Was by Rosie Price | Book Review

  1. Ooh, promising! I’m really looking forward to picking this one up and am very encouraged to hear that it handles its subject matter so well. The m/f platonic relationship sounds fantastic. Pity that the ending was a bit of a letdown for you, though I’m glad that it seems overall worth the read! Great review. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s hard to explain the part that bothered me without getting spoilery, but it’s quite small, and it may not bother some people. Whatever the case, I still think it’s a brilliant book overall, and I’m very excited to hear your thoughts once you’ve picked it up! 😊

    • That’s true. In most cases, the kind of trauma that comes with sexual assault can last a lifetime, so wrapping everything up neatly in a bow would feel unfairly optimistic. Price definitely reflected the ongoing nature of dealing with trauma, which I appreciated; it was more the wording of a particular viewpoint that didn’t sit comfortably with me. Still, it’s complex subject matter, and I’m sure some readers will feel differently. Overall, I think she did a phenomenal job of reflecting the physical and emotional impact of assault.

  2. I was already so excited for this book so it’s good to see such an encouraging review! I am very curious about the ending though… I will let you know my thoughts whenever I do read it.

    • I think you’ll like it! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what more people make of the final chapter though. With such complex subject matter, I imagine the book will provoke a number of different reactions.

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