16 comments on “Women in Translation Month | Recommendations

  1. Some really interesting books here. I don’t tend to read in translation, but I have enjoyed a lot of Japanese and Korean literature (including The Vegetarian!) and The Lost Children of Tokyo, Out and The Diving Pool sound intriguing. I’m afraid The Travelling Cat Chronicles was a bit sugary for me 🙂

    • Japanese lit seems to be pretty popular within the international market. At least, I’ve read (and heard about) far more books translated from Japanese than I have any other language.

      I worried The Travelling Cat Chronicles would be too twee for me, and can totally understand why it might be for some people, but thankfully it worked for me, despite it not being my usual kind of read 😊

  2. Another great list! 🙂
    I was just about to add The History of Bees to my TBR because you convinced me, and realized I had already added it about a year ago and forgotten… Definitely a sign that the TBR is growing too large, and clearly I should pick up that book!

  3. The only one of these I’ve read is The Vegetarian, which is obviously perfection, but I’m dying to read Out and The Diving Pool!

  4. I’m excited for The Travelling Cat Chronicles, Out and Han Kang’s new novel after The Vegetarian (Human Acts, I think?). Great recs list! 🙂

  5. I am so bad at reading translated fiction, mostly since I started reading pretty much only English books. You should read Christa Wolf though! I love her and more people should read her work. It is shameful that she never got a Nobel Prize.

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