18 comments on “Sadie by Courtney Summers | Book Review

  1. The more I sat with this one the more I think it’s one of the better YA books I’ve read in my life. I need more dark-YA like this!

    • Thank you! It’s a tricky balance to strike but I think this one gets it just right. It’s officially marketed as YA, but the protagonist is 19 (and was forced to grow up fast), so she’s inherently more mature than the typical YA heroine. And whilst there’s still a sense of youth and naivety to her, the book avoids the usual YA tropes in favour of something that feels grittier and more authentic.

      • Indeed – sounds well done. And yes, 19 is generally too old for YA characters (in my experience), particularly when you take into account that a lot of YA readers may be younger teenagers.

  2. I was going to ask you if this is a young adult book, but you already answered that. I’ve seen this cover floating around the internet, but I didn’t know that it had two plot lines. I don’t often hear even mention of podcasts in fiction, despite everyone listening to one. I nightly listen to How to Sleep. I never make it through to the end.

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  4. [SPOILER]

    AAAAAA I need to scream about this book to someone and you got chosen, Callum 😬😬😬 THAT ENDING!!! I was shook. 99% sure she died but I don’t want it to be true! Could she – somehow – actually be alive still? I’m holding on to this tiny speck of hope, but I don’t see how she could. UGH.

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