18 comments on “Animals Eat Each Other by Elle Nash | Book Review

  1. I get a Tampa vibe from this review. Did you ever read that novel, by Alissa Nutting? It’s an 8th grade teacher who is a young woman and attractive. She went through college and got this job just because she is addicted to boys before they hit puberty, are just on the cusp. It’s a creepy novel, one based on a real case — and the real teacher was acquitted.

    I also like that Animals Eat Each Other has three main characters. So often we see intense sexual relationships between two people, meaning they are keeping all their secrets between each other. In this case, the couple has each other to talk to in addition to “Lilith.”

    • I haven’t, but I remember it causing a lot of controversy! Perhaps I should look into it more now that the hype has settled down.

      Yes, the shifting, complex dynamic between the three main players really allowed Nash to explore the idea of boundaries, relationships and desire.

  2. Excellent review, this sounds really good! I just saw your If You Like This… tag and was intrigued by the comparison to The Pisces; now I’ll have to add it to my TBR for sure. It sounds so weird and intense!

  3. I’m conflicted because this sounds quite good, but I’m anxious about another possibly negative portrayal of polyamory hmmmmm

    • As someone who isn’t polyamorous, I can’t reliably comment on how good/bad the rep is, so take this opinion with a pinch of salt! BUT, as toxic as the relationship becomes, to me it never felt like a critique of polyamory itself, more of the characters not being honest with each other about what they were looking for from the relationship, as well as our heroine’s need to accept herself in order to be accepted by others. So, not so much ‘polyamory is bad’ as ‘unhealthy relationships are bad’. Still, polyamorous people may feel differently, and I’d be intrigued to hear the take of someone who is!

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