18 comments on “May Wrap Up

  1. Haha – I also do not stan Hemingway. The only bits of his work I’ve found remotely palatable are the rural chapters of The Sun Also Rises, where they go fishing in the mountains and have cold beers. The rest of it is woeful.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! There’s always a slight feeling of trepidation when you post such a negative review for a piece of celebrated classic literature, but it just didn’t work for me on any level.

  2. I definitely agree that Little Darlings panned out predictable! I really enjoyed it up until that point tho. I received The Last for my monthly book swap this month so I’m excited to read it, especially with you giving it 4 stars!

    • Little Darlings was definitely a fun, quick read, but it’s a shame there wasn’t more of a twist to help it stand out!

      I hope you enjoy The Last. I’ll keep an eye out for your thoughts 😊

  3. I’m living for your review of the Hemingway. Reading one of his books my sophomore year of college for an Intro to Lit class is literally the reason I swore off all literary novels for years. Anyway, “dull plot, nondescript characters, and lifeless prose” should be the slogan for his novels.

    • Sharing this review has been unexpectedly therapeutic, haha. It’s always a little scary posting a scathing review of a revered author, but a surprising number of people have already told me they felt the exact same way about Hemingway! Just goes to show that the literary canon shouldn’t necessarily go unchallenged 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. I’ve never read Hemingway and I feel like I should so I can at least claim to have an opinion on him! The fact that I’m POSITIVE I will hate him hasn’t helped my motivation to pick him up, though. I guess I won’t be starting with this one, or maybe I’ll keep your drinking game in mind 😂

    • That’s exactly how I felt! I just knew he wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I wanted to have the facts to actually back up that disdain 😂 I went with this one because at least it’s pretty short, but obviously it doesn’t come with a particularly high recommendation from me… lol

  5. I love Hemingway (his writing, not so much him as a person) but I remember reading The Old Man and the Sea as a teenager and just not getting it. I’ve thought about attempting it again now that I’m older. Maybe when I’m much, much older. I do think his short stories are brilliant though and my favourite novel of his is The Sun Also Rises. But I think you either love him or hate him and that’s how Hemingway himself would want it!

  6. I still love that you did not enjoy Hemingway, and that so many of your followers are jumping on the bandwagon. I took a whole grad class on moderism — Hemingway and friends’ time period — and it was dreadfully boring. We read the entire U.S.A. Trilogy by John dos Passos, which was largely about war, soldiers going to war, soldiers catching syphilis while cheating on their gal back home, and then soldiers making it home just to die of said syphilis.

    • It has been somewhat gratifying to see how many people feel the same way about Hemingway, I must say 😂 It makes you wonder how certain books come to be considered classics in the first place.

        • I have yet to read many “classics” because I believe this theory to true lol Hemingway is one I have not been interested in reading or purchasing. If I happen to land on one of his books then I might give it go:p

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