20 comments on “Little Darlings by Melanie Golding | Book Review

  1. ‘the book opens with a brief glimpse of the story’s climax before jumping back in time to show us how we end up there’

    I hate this device so much that I always skip these sections and it’s never affected my reading experience!

  2. I actually haven’t read any warm reviews of this book. I almost wonder if people are getting thriller fatigue. The whole thing where they start with the end and then go back to the beginning is super common, as seen in Ruth Ware’s popular book In a Dark, Dark Wood and others. for me, characters absolutely make the story. I’m happy to read a novel for which I cannot explain the plot, so long as I love the characters.

    • It’s a pity, because I liked the setup of this one, but in such a saturated genre it should really have offered something new.

      Like you, compelling characters are a must for me in a thriller. I’m happy to eschew deep literary themes and lush prose if the plot and characters can keep me hooked.

  3. Oh no! This sounds rather disappointing. I’ve already got a library hold on this one so I suppose I’ll end up reading it soon anyway, but I was also hoping for something new and unexpected to be explored here. I also tend to dislike those glimpses of the end at the beginning. :/ Hopefully lowering my expectations before I begin will help make this a better experience than it might have been otherwise!

  4. The whole idea of changelings has so much potential, especially as an exploration of mental health and parenthood. Too bad it disappointed. (Have you read The Good People by Hannah Kent? Completely different kind of book but also about changelings and was very good.)

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