17 comments on “The Last by Hanna Jameson | Book Review

    • I picked it up expecting a quick, page-turning read; nothing more, nothing less. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much more was going on beneath the surface!

  1. Where on Earth did you learn about this book? And I do love that there is a diverse cast of characters and it actually makes sense. I’ve read so many books that throw people together who would never be get together in that particular setting, and it’s disappointing because it feels like trying to appease readers who demand every person be represented on page regardless of the constraints.

    • I think I first heard about it in a couple of people’s anticipated releases posts at the beginning of the year 😋 The Stephen King meets Agatha Christie angle in the promo helped generate quite a bit of buzz!

      And YES! Genuine, reflective diversity over self-congratulatory, forced diversity every time.

  2. I enjoyed this too – very readable – but I did think the failure to satisfactorily close the murder plot was a problem. [sort-of spoilers ahead, folks who haven’t read it!] Had Jameson left it unsolved, I think that would have been a more coherent choice. Instead, she decides she will solve it, but makes the perpetrator and his rationale extreme in a way that the rest of the book doesn’t really support; in The Last, everyone is living under extreme conditions, but no one whom we spend any time with is a fanatic (that’s one of the things I liked so much about it, that it resists The Road-ing post-apocalyptic material). It makes the fanaticism at the end seem like it’s parachuted in from a different book.

    Definitely a good one for breaking out of a reading slump, though, I agree!

    • Yes, exactly! It felt at odds with her approach to the rest of the narrative. I just didn’t think the reveal of ‘whodunnit’ felt earned, given that there was no conceivable way readers could have seen it coming. Leaving it unsolved, or having a more tragically human outcome, would indeed have had more impact.

  3. Great review! This one’s been on my radar but I’m very keen to pick it up after reading your thoughts. “Brilliantly bonkers” is my favorite type of book. Also glad to hear it broke your slump!

  4. Ooh I have an ARC of this but missed the pub date and then it kind of fell off my radar. I really need to prioritize this, it sounds great!

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