8 comments on “Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li | Book Review

  1. I’ve heard about this book and was looking forward to reading it. Glad you liked it! Too bad about the wrong representation of disfigurement, but the story and characters sound interesting, from what you said. Lovely review.

    • I’ve seen it done much more heavy-handedly, so small mercies at least! Still, it’s a shame it slipped passed an editor.

      It’s one that seems to be splitting opinion, so I’d be very intrigued to hear your thoughts if and when you get around to it!

  2. I actually have been thinking about this book but one reviewer friend said it felt like convenient store soup, you could eat it but was it particularly wonderful, not exactly. Your review reminded me of that in thr send that it has some good flavors but there are other ‘weird’ flavors that cause you to wonder why it was included. I was convinced I should skip it but now from your review, maybe I might try it…later

    • That’s definitely an interesting analogy for it! It’s one I wouldn’t have read had I not been making my way through the Women’s Prize longlist, and whilst it didn’t blow me away, my low expectations left me feeling pleasantly surprised! I’d be intrigued to read your thoughts on it if you eventually decide to give it a go.

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