17 comments on “Normal People by Sally Rooney | Book Review

  1. Sally Rooney is my hero. I just love the way she writes. And while I think that Conversations With Friends is the better book (might be personal preference more than anything though) I cannot see myself not giving this five stars when I finish. She just expertly breaks my heart.

  2. Coincidence… I finished this book yesterday and I’m about to write my review! Let’s just say I didn’t like it as much as everyone else does… But I’m glad you’re a fan 🙂

    • Small world! 😊

      That’s a shame. Still, I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts. Out of interest, have you read Rooney’s other novel? I haven’t yet, but a lot of people seem to strongly favour one or the other, which is interesting.

  3. Wonderful review! I also adored this novel, but struggled to review it because I have such a hard time articulating why I loved it- you do a great job of that. I’ve never encountered a book with such depth that’s also so readable on the surface, and the combination is just phenomenal. I also loved Conversations with Friends, but Normal People hit me the hardest. This is one of the titles I would love to see as the Women’s Prize winner this year!

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