6 comments on “Beauty and the Beast | Theatre Review

  1. Do you think that the familiar story line slowed down the dancing? The Disney movie has the famous dance with Bell in her yellow dress and the “Be Our Guest” song, but unless the rest was done carefully, I can see ho wit wouldn’t lend well to the story.

    • The story was much closer to the original fairy tale rather than the Disney version, so there was no singing furniture etc., lol. I think there was too great a focus on trying to create funny character moments for side characters (like Belle’s sisters feuding for attention), and that slowed things down a bit.

  2. Nice to see your thoughts on a ballet. I’ve only been to an Alvin Ailey production a few years ago but would enjoy going to a ballet in the future. I loved the show I went to since it was very diverse kinds of dance. There was a duet of ballet dancers that was so beautiful.

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