24 comments on “My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite | Book Review

  1. I like you description of studying the limits or the boundaries of sisterhood and family duty! That simple sounds good and interesting. Maybe this title can be studies from that approach or even a feminist one? Just randomly thinking here haha great review! 🙂

  2. I just don’t get how anyone can put family above ethics and logic. It blows my mind. If your sibling convinces you to hide a body because you share DNA, I’m thinking you’re pretty easy to sway.

    • I agree; we all like to hope we’d do the right thing. But then you only have to read the news, and see how often people are charged with aiding and abetting, or perverting the course of justice, to know that otherwise normal people can be swayed by extreme circumstances.

      I suppose books like this explore that idea. It’s easy for us to take the moral high ground, but no one can truly know what they’d do unless they were in that situation (and thankfully most of us never will be! 😋)

      In terms of this book specifically, we also get glimpses of the sisters’ past that suggest why their moral compass may be more than a little skewed.

      • Looking back, I think about my mom’s parents. They both beat her mercilessly when she was a girl, and her mom will still pinch and hit her today, but my mom is ever the faithful daughter out of duty and continues to see her mother. When I told my mom I wouldn’t abide by a punchy grandma, my mom was mad at me because she took it as a sign that I was capable of easily writing HER off some day.

  3. Could not agree more!! This was such a pleasant surprise, and the balance it struck between fun and macabre was so well done. And I do like that while it’s a rather pacy, mindless read on the surface, it does raise a lot of interesting questions about ethics and about a woman’s role in society. I’m happy it was longlisted!

    • Me too! It would have been simple to dismiss as merely an ‘easy read’, but I think it’s got more to offer than it may at first seem. And sometimes, there’s a lot to be said for a fun reading experience, anyway!

  4. Glad you enjoyed this one! It’s as you said – light and fun and surprisingly macabre. I was positively surprised by this little gem.

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